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Optimum Semiconductor offers Sandblaster® LeaP Family of Development Cards, enabling our customers to accelerate product development and market deployment. The Sandblaster Development Cards are available with Optimum Semiconductor’s revolutionary SB3500 and Sandblaster® IDE.


SBLeaP-1800 is a self-contained compact size development card for the SB3500 processor, providing a hardware platform for both evaluation of the processor as well as for software development and testing. This board has integrated flash and DDR memory, as well as critical interfaces to connect the board to a third party RF card. It is an ideal board for UE development.

Feature List


  • SB3500 SOC

  • Memory

    • 512 MB Flash

    • 256 MB DDR

  • Interfaces

    • USB 2.0 Interface

    • UART

    • SD Card

    • 32 Dedicated GPIOs

    • RF Connector supporting:

      • Four 16-bit PSD (Parallel Streaming Data) interfaces for A/D - D/A converters

      • SPI *4

      • I2C *5

      • GPIO

    • Peripheral Connector for

      • PS2 Interface (Mouse, Keyboard)

      • Keypad Interface

      • Camera Interface

      • 10-bit interface with internal queue

      • LCD Controller

        • Up to 1024 x 768 Resolution

        • Supports STN, Color STN, HR-TFT, TFT

        • Up to 64K-Colors and 15 Gray Shades

        • Pointer overlay

      • USB OTG Interface

      • AC ´97 / I2S Codec Interface with S/PDIF support

    • On board power conditioning (wall adaptor power supply is included)

*4 SPI is a trademark of Motorola, Inc.

*5 I2C is a trademark of Phillips Semiconductors Corporation.


Download Feature List here:

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