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Built with ease-of-programmability in mind, the Sandblaster® IDE (integrated development environment) is a comprehensive toolset which enables developers to program the SB3500 in high level "c" language, unleashing the capabilities of the Sandblaster® processors.


The IDE combines Optimum Semiconductor´s world-class optimizing C-compiler with debugger, simulator, and profiling tools in a user-friendly environment to accelerate product development.

Sandblaster® 3500 IDE Feature List


  • Fully Integrated Tools in an Industry Standard Graphical User Interface Based on the Eclipse Open Source Project

  • Full Documentation

  • DSP Processor Tools

    • Developed Internally

  • ARM Processor Tools

    • Port open source tools (GNU)

  • Hardware Board Interface

    • Enables download of DSP and ARM programs to the development board

  • Extensive Wireless Standards Based
    DSP Library Routines for FFT, DFT, FEC, etc.

  • DSP Tools

    • Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Loader

    • Library

    • C library

    • Standard C & Math

    • Device drivers

    • Dynamic cycle accurate DSP simulator

      • Models peripherals

      • Models 3 cores + ARM (without ARM OS)

    • Integrated S/W Multi-threaded/Multi-core debugger

  • Real Time OS for DSPs (Embedded in the tools)

    • Light-weight kernel

    • Based on POSIX API

    • File system

    • Built around pthreads

      • Priority scheduling

      • Locks: mutex, cond, rwlock, barrier

      • Very close to compliance with

      • POSIX real-time applications environment profile PSE51


  • Extended xcoff Object Format

    • csects allow relocation of individual
      data/function objects

    • TOC allow shared text sections without virtual memory

    • Extended to support multiple
      discontiguous memories

  • Bootloader

  • Standard Linker Features

    • Eliminates unused functions & data objects

    • Extended features provided by .at files

      • Link time mapping of functions/data to different memories

      • Link multiple programs together into one executable

  • Profiler

    • Provides cycle counts, memory size, opcode usage, cache hit ratio, instruction distribution

    • Additional statistics using hook functions

  • mem_hook

    • Programmed using hook API

    • Tracks all accesses to memory

    • Automatically creates .at file to optimize placement of memory

  • Event Tracer

    • Displays thread creation/deletion, synchronization and user specified events on a timeline










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