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Intelligent transportation applications such as intelligent transit, telematics, V2V communications, and others are proliferating widely, and technology for autonomous vehicles such as self-driving cars is rapidly advancing. As we move toward fully autonomous vehicles systems must be able to process real-time incoming data from numerous cameras and sensors across a vehicle. Efficiency, speed and intelligence of the systems are of crucial importance.

For such systems, OST’s GP8300 can dramatically reduce chip cost, area, and power consumption for image recognition and object detection. The GP8300 provides the right combination of high performance, low energy consumption, and cost efficiency that companies need as they create innovative new intelligent transportation products.

GP8300 Solution Benefits


  • Reduces chip cost, area, and power consumption for image recognition and object detection

  • Includes four 2GHz interconnected with a cache coherent memory supporting Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) processing for a common programming framework

  • Integrates four of GPT’s new 2GHz Variable Length Vector DSP (VLVm1) cores for signal processing applications

  • Integrates two 1GHz ‘Song’ AI accelerators from GPT for efficient Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) inference

  • Integrated functionality includes worldwide GPS

  • Incorporates multiple interfaces such as eSIM

  • Supports customization and software upgrades for NB-IoT standards updates

  • Supported by CaffeNet-based training and tools for automatic fixed-point conversion and compression for inference

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