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Optimum Semiconductor provides highly-integrated Systems on Chips (SoCs) for applications across communications, autonomous vehicles and intelligent transportation, smart cities, industrial automation, robotics, and machine vision.


The wireless communications market is constantly evolving, and as consumers constantly demand additional features, the window of opportunity to bring products to market gets shorter and shorter.


The evolution of new standards requires high-performance baseband processors that enable OEMs develop products rapidly.



As we move toward fully autonomous vehicles systems must be able to process real-time incoming data from numerous cameras and sensors across a vehicle. Efficiency, speed and intelligence of the systems are of crucial importance.



Intelligent processing will be critical across the applications in the smart city.


OST’s GP8300 can reduce chip cost and power consumption for image recognition and object detection in a broad range of these applications.



Industrial automation is an increasing trend as companies strive to maximize their operational efficiencies.


Many initiatives around the globe will further proliferate advanced manufacturing systems and robotics.



Machine vision today is enabling a wide range of new use cases for applications including smart home monitoring, automotive safety, drones, retail analytics, and much more.


OST’s GP8300 SoC represents a new architecture that achieves deep integration of eAI, edge computing, and communications on a single chip.

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